How to make hunting safer

Hunting is the highlight of the year, so you should ensure that you make it a safe, enjoyable experience for yourself, other hunters and hikers. Keeping these simple safety rules in mind will help you to avoid any unnecessary accidents.


  • Always handle the weapon as if it were loaded. Never point a weapon towards a living being except when you are firing shots at lawful game.
  • Always turn the weapon away from any living being during loading or when removing out the cartridges.
  • Take out the cartridges and engage the weapon's safety when you are resting.
  • The weapon must always be unloaded when the hunter is crossing rugged terrain or other obstacles.
  • Never disengage the gun's safety catch until you are going to fire shots.
  • Always be sure about what you are shooting at.
  • Never fire any shots without being certain about what is in the background.
  • Store the weapon and its ammunition in a locked cabinet at home.
  • Follow the hunting leader's orders.
  • Never use a weapon if you are under the influence of alcohol.