Tormod Granheim

Tormod Granheim

Tormod Granheim has been among Norway’s most extreme adventurers in the last decade and in 2016 achieved his biggest goal ever: To become the first climber from the Nordic region to conquer all summits in the Alps higher than 4,000 meters. This was such a major climbing achievement that, Hvitserk and UTE gave him the title “Adventurer of the year 2016”.

Adventurer, climber, extreme skier
Born: 1974
Place: Norway

The jury justified its choice of Tormod Granheim as follows:

“This effort and performance has undoubtedly required persistence and determination, in combination with shrewdness and patience to achieve a steadfast execution. Granheim is the first person in the Nordic region to successfully climb every summit in the Alps above 4,000 meters and, in doing so, has written a small piece of Norwegian mountaineering history”.

For many years Granheim has been fascinated by high mountains in combination with skiing. In the spring of 2006 he climbed Mount Everest from the Advanced Base Camp in one day, before becoming the first person in the world to ski down the mountain’s 3,000-meter high North Face. Two people should have shared in this achievement, but his tour companion, Tomas Olsson, died in the attempt. Tormod Granheim succeeded in locating Olsson's body and organized the first ever helicopter rescue from the Tibetan side of the mountain.

“Up until the Everest expedition I thought about nothing else but steep skiing, but the ensuing process has given me a nerdy interest in what happens when people perform at a high level. In this context, equipment is also extremely important and Bergans is a solid supporter in this area. “ – Tormod Granheim

He has also sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on board a straw raft inspired by Thor Heyerdahl, and has also climbed the Trollveggen wall in the winter. With a starting point in Chamonix, he spends innumerable days skiing in the high mountains.

Tormod’s sporting background and fascination for extreme performances has made him a highly sought-after consultant and lecturer for the Norwegian Armed Forces, as well as the business and sporting world. He also helps in the design and testing of new Bergans products on an ongoing basis. One of his favorites is the Helium backpack series, which won a good design award in 2016.

Tormod is head of Riders Alliance in the global environmental initiative He has raised money and built a school in Nepal. This is ongoing work he has involved himself in together with