Team Bergans Member Øyvind Aanes

Øyvind Aanes

Øyvind Aanes is one of the most experienced mountain guides in Europe and a major contributor and collaborating partner for Bergans' Slingsby collection. His work involves making demanding safety assessments each day, and he knows what is required of the equipment you use. Øyvind is a specialist in Haute Route variations and works as a heliski guide in Terrace, Canada. He is a UIAGM-certified mountain guide and an ISIA-approved ski instructor.

Mountain guide
Born: 1963
Place: Norway

Øyvind Aanes is one of the most experienced mountain guides in Europe. This craft is difficult to understand for most people, unless you spend several hundred days each year in the mountains. What most of us understand, however, is the number of height meters on skis. Øyvind skis around 400,000 height meters on powder snow each season. He also completes around 200,000 height meters of ski touring each year.

Much of the reason for the high number of powder curves stems from his job as a heliski guide in Terrace, Canada. It is a demanding job in terms of the number of safety assessments that must be made each day with regard to choice of descent. He also guides many customers in the Alps and Norway each year. Øyvind is a specialist in Haute Route variations, where he takes his customers to where the snow is. His clear favorite in the Alps is the Silvretta mountain region. In Norway he prefers traveling to Senja.

Øyvind also has extensive management and consultancy experience from multiple sectors. He has worked with personnel development, organizational development, restructuring processes, management support and management development. He is a UIAGM-certified mountain guide and an ISIA-approved ski instructor.

In collaboration with Bergans, Øyvind works on technical solutions and product requirements specifications, especially within our Slingsby collection.

"As I work so much in the Alps and Canada, weight is the enemy. If you save 200 grams, then you are 200 grams happier. It is also important for me that the equipment is super functional. The equipment should be a pleasure to use, and understanding the thought behind the product should be intuitive".

The road to becoming the skilled mountain man he is today has been long. He had already experienced the mountains at an early age and was given his first pair of slalom skis at the age of five. As a seven-year-old he embarked on solo tent trips.

"My interest in mountains never "started", it's always been there. I began with ski touring 33 years ago. Together with a buddy from Poland I bought a pair of Rando skis and skied from cabin to cabin in the Alps. We had read a lot before we traveled but had no experience. We certainly had a bit of luck, but it went really well," he says.

He spent a long time in Switzerland as a mountain guide before training as an internationally approved mountain guide. Regarding why he works with Bergans, he says the following:

"Working with Bergans is very rewarding, as the will and ability at Bergans is combined with a culture where your feet are on the ground. This is great. It is easy to become complacent, but Bergans tries out new things and is always at the forefront".

. Future projects:
Continue to take customers on beautiful trips both at home and abroad.
Develop more smart solutions for Bergans' products.