Lorraine Huber wearing Bergans Myrkdalen jacket

Lorraine Huber

Lorraine Huber has impressed many people with her fearless skiing down steep mountainsides. She has developed into one of Europe's strongest names in female freeride skiing and has traveled the entire globe winning competitions such as the Freeride World Tour Europe and the "Best freeride female" award. Lorraine is particularly passionate about women getting involved in freeriding.

Born: 1980
Place: Austria

Lorraine Huber attended kindergarten like most other children in the 1980s in the Austrian alpine town of Lech am Arlberg. In spite of having a father who was a ski instructor, her mother preferred to send her the few hundred meters to the lift house instead, where she was with the ski instructors at attended the skiing school with the ski instructors.

It was there that she showed a talent that very 3-year-olds displayed. However, when Lorraine was 8, the family moved to snowless Australia. Her skiing skills, however, developed with a six-week skiing holiday in her home country as well as frequent trips to New Zealand each year.

After attending high school, Lorraine spent one last winter in Lech am Arlberg before she was due to commence her building contractor studies in Australia. She never got that far. Her love of skiing got the upper hand, and she remained in the Alps. She trained as a high alpine ski guide and instructor before entering and winning her first international freeride competition in 2004. Her path had been decided: it was freeriding she wanted to pursue in her life.

Since then, Lorraine has made a name for herself as one of Europe's best freeriders. She has traveled the world and won competitions such as the Freeride World Tour Europe as well as appeared in several films with her fearless skiing down steep mountainsides. She has also appeared in ski movie legend Warren Miller's productions. In 2013 she won the "Best freeride female" award during the International Freeski Festival in Montreal, Canada.

During the two last seasons Lorraine has faced challenges with two leg injuries but has managed to return to the freeride arena in record time and show how strong and dedicated she is in planning, psyche and strength.

“Working with a company as dedicated and genuine as Bergans is something I have always dreamed of. Before I became a member of Team Bergans, I was aware of their excellent products. But now that I am better acquainted with the quality and the craftsmanship with regard to freeride, I am really impressed. Bergans represents the backbone of outdoor wear, mountaineering and freeride".

Lorraine is particularly passionate about women getting involved in freeriding. She is working towards ensuring that women play a bigger role in the freeride arena. For example, she participated in the recent movie Shades of Winter, one of the first major skiing movies to feature only female skiers in the lead roles. In 2008 she started her own ski camps, teaching girls who were already talented freeriders how to progress further in the sport.

Lorraine holds lectures, organizes film festivals, and has a column about life as a freerider in the German publication Bergstolz.

"It is important for me to represent women in freeriding. The industry primarily focuses on men, because it is mainly men who buy this type of equipment. It is also often men who make the decisions at the top. However, women need to be smarter at taking the initiative for their own projects, which is now a clear trend. I believe Bergans is a role model in terms of investing in women and freeriding."

Projects this season:

Continuing with her Master's Degree in "mental training".

Varied training in the forthcoming season with "injury wild card" at the FWT, in California, among other places, which includes climbing in Yosemite and surfing in San Diego.

Travel to New Zealand for ski practice.

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