Today, Bergans is one of the world’s leading companies actively involved in developing advanced outdoor equipment and technical clothing. We continuously strive to maintain our position and focus our resources on product development and product testing. We are constantly looking for even lighter materials, even smarter solutions and even more opportunities for customization.

We wish to inspire an increasing number of people to enjoy our fantastic nature

Membrane Technology

All membranes used in Bergans garments are hydrophilic, meaning that they utilize moving molecules, as opposed to most other membranes which have micropores. This offers a number of advantages and makes Bergans shell clothing the very best on the market thanks to its high performance and superior durability.

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image carrying systems


Whether you are planning a daytrip to the mountains, a weekend away or longer expeditions, it is important to choose the right carrying system to have a comfortable backpack. Bergans has a wide range of rucksacks to suit various requirements.

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