Everyone who works at Bergans is involved in our efforts to promote more sustainable products. It is our aim to produce durable quality products and to focus on sustainable improvements to create the maximum positive effects.

We know that everything we do has an effect on the environment and we therefore work actively with challenges concerning the environment and social responsibility, both internally and with our suppliers. Our responsibility covers the whole value chain, from product development and design through production, transport, logistics and our own administration and warehousing activities to repairs and recycling after use. We seek constantly to make choices that are financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.

We are very enthusiastic about outdoor life and encourage people to be outside to enjoy and experience nature . Today and in the future.

Expedition 2020

Bergans lives to let people experience the outdoors. Today and in the future. To ensure that the outdoors we have today will be there for the next generation to enjoy, Bergans is committed to step up efforts, by inspiring actions in our own operations and beyond. The primary goal of the expedition is that by 2020 Bergans will be even more sustainable and be a leading actor in the industry. Expedition 2020 is the name of the sustainability journey Bergans has now embarked on.

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The WILD project - "What we – love we will protect"

WILD is a conservation project driven by the Danish photographers and adventurers, Uri Golman and Helle Olsen. Together they will travel on all seven continents to document the last truly wild places on Earth.

The WILD project
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How Bergans works with the PFAS Challenge

Bergans is working every day to identify sustainable solutions. We live from and for the great outdoors and have, through our Code of Conduct, committed ourselves to an extended responsibility for the social and environmental effects that we and our industry exposes the world to.

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