Bergans produkters livssyklus

Product Lifecycle

The longer a Bergans product is in use before being replaced, the smaller the product’s total ecological footprint will be. Products with long, active life help to reduce the consumption of resources, and the amount of waste and pollution. This is exactly why we are 
so committed to designing robust and high-quality products which can be used year after year after year. We are also committed to providing our customers with services and information to extend the lifetime of your product.

Our supply chains are long and complex as they extend all the way from raw material to finished product. To ensure responsible production, we maintain close dialog with our suppliers and focus on long-term collaboration. We impose clear requirements to all of our collaborating partners.

Responsible development


The choices behind the different materials are many. We constantly strive to keep ourselves updated regarding the materials that have less impact on the environment, and the availability of new, innovative materials. No material becomes part of a Bergans product until we have ensured proper functionality, and it satisfies our quality requirements. We work closely with textile suppliers who are conscious of the use of chemicals and the total environmental impact. 


In the design phase of our products we can really make a difference. The most important task is to develop products of high quality with proper functionality. They must also be long lasting, and be designed with repair and recycling in mind. New models are always tested in the relevant environment and for the appropriate activity. 


Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging and to prevent all unnecessary packaging. We are working to ensure that all packaging comes from sustainable, renewable sources.  We also ensure that packaging can be recycled after use.

Responsible production

All our suppliers are obliged to sign that they have received and understood the contents of our Code of Conduct (CoC). This also forms the basis of being approved as a Bergans supplier. Our CoC contains the principles related to social and environmental factors, waste management, emissions, energy and water consumption, as well as animal welfare. 

Reducing climate gas emissions is a strategic issue for us. That’s why we ship as much as possible by boat and minimize airfreight.

Social responsible

Mountain People
Mountain People is an organization started by mountain people from Norway to help mountain people in Nepal help themselves. Over the last 30 years, more than 500 projects have been carried out within health, hygiene and education. For more than 10 years, Bergans has supported Mountain People’s work in building schools and providing basic health services in Nepal.

iCare is Norwegian Association of the Blind’s contribution to reducing the number of people afflicted by unnecessary blindness. iCare runs eye health projects in collaboration with central and local health authorities in different countries. By purchasing a Bergans hat with an iCare label, you will be making a donation that will finance an eye operation in Nepal. In 2016 we helped more than 600 people regain their eyesight.

The Norwegian & Swedish Trekking Associations
Bergans wishes to inspire and enable people to explore the great outdoors. This is why collaborate with the Trekking Associations in Norway and Sweden. At Bergans we are passionate about people being outdoors and enjoying the nature. Today and in the future. 

As a member of the industry organization European Outdoor Conservation Association, we actively support the association’s work to raise funds to put directly into conservation projects worldwide to preserve nature and wild places.

Responsible use

Find the right product
To be able to enjoy your product for a long time, it must satisfy your needs. It is important that you choose the right product for your type of usage. We are happy to help you find a product with the right performance and fit for your purposes.

Do you feel that a Bergans product does not fit as well as it used to? Or have you found a new pair of dream pants that are too long? Our repair team have skilled people who can modify most Bergans products according to your requirements and wishes.

Hiring equipment can be a great solution for those who don’t take trips often, or for those who would like to test a product before buying it. We have tents, backpacks and clothing at our flagship store in Oslo for rental. 

Long live the product

To give away or sell second-hand products requires little effort, and generates high value in the form of increased product life, and reduced environmental impact. A used Bergans product is a good and reasonably-priced alternative. At our flagship store in Oslo, Norway, we sell functional products that have been used, repaired, or for other reasons cannot be sold as ordinary goods.

When a product has lost its functionality, we want to utilize the materials by upcycling them into another type of product. We always aim to ensure that the new product will meet an existing need. 

When you no longer have a need, or use of your outdoor product, we have a scheme for returns that ensures that all products returned to us will be used in one way or another. They may be sold on as second-hand, or upcycled to a different type of product. We also support projects in mountain villages in Nepal that always have a need for outdoor equipment. Even worn out products can be further processed to utilize the materials. 

Only a few decades ago, it was common to repair all types of clothes and equipment with damages. At Bergans, we have kept this tradition alive over the years. Our clothing repair team are skilled and experienced, and can repair major and minor faults on all types of Bergans products. Repairs provide an environmental benefit in the form of increased lifespan of the product.

When a product can no longer be repaired, sold as used or re-sewn into another type of product, we ensure that the materials are further processed and dealt with appropriately. Remember that textiles should not be discarded as residual waste!

By following the care instructions for washing and drying and, when necessary, using impregnation products, you can make sure that you will get a lot of satisfaction from your Bergans product – and it will last as long. Fortunately, our products are easy to wash and maintain. You will find plenty of information on this on our website and our YouTube channel.







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