TrisTrans Saga – aka the Expedition children "An adventure of a lifetime!"

TrisTrans Saga is the story of two little adventurers, Tristan (born 2010) and Nanook (born 2013), and their family. This project is about making dreams come true, and about spreading the joy of exploring the great outdoors. It is about learning to appreciate the simple life and about understanding the relationship between nature, culture and health. As a family, they travel around the world exploring new continents and mountain ranges, using horses, skies, bikes and canoes as their means of transport. They are important role models to show that family life can be combined with a life in the great outdoors, and Tristan and Nanook are enthusiastic ambassadors for outdoor recreation and clearly demonstrate that children love exploring.

TrisTrans Saga is the story of the adventures of Tristan and Nanook. The title is taken from the Old West Norse story of Tristan, TrisTrams saga, which was written in Lyse Abbey outside Bergen. The story of Tristan and Nanook is about sharing golden moments together out in nature. On the way through the finest untouched regions of the world (TRANS). Up to some of the most beautiful mountain summits (TRIS) there are. Their wanderlust was inspired by the Vikings' voyages of discovery and determination. The imagination is taken from the Flemish comic strip called "Jommeke".

The family consists of mum Kim, dad Jochem and the children Nanook and Tristan. Mum and dad originally come from Belgium, and are adventurers who love following their big passion in life - exploring the great outdoors. Dad is a qualified doctor and has many years of experience as a tour guide and dog sled driver. Mum is a nurse and is driven by her passion for horses. The children go to an outdoor farm nursery.

"Life in the great outdoors is addictive. It's about the thrill of facing extreme challenges and heading out into the exciting unknown. About strong experiences, freedom and mastery."

As a collaboration partner, the Expedition children Nanook and Tristan are important ambassadors for our vision – to spread the joy of exploring the great outdoors. Based on their own experiences and challenges, the family give tips and advice about what it's like taking children on tour and how to plan longer trips with children. They give us valuable insight and feedback about clothing after they have used the equipment themselves for long periods of time on tour.

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